Nice to meet you…

Thank you for visiting the Outrageously Ordinary site!  I appreciate you stopping by and want to assure you that once you get past the sarcasm, I am actually a devoted mother who loves her children more than anything.

I am trying to teach my children to see the hilarious in the mundane. My two babies (who aren’t babies anymore) keep me entertained and will undoubtedly be the star of this show. But even without them, random things just seem to happen to me. I’m like a walking “I Love Lucy” re-run really, minus the hunky Cuban husband.

I love people-watching and am endlessly fascinated by the saggy pants of the young and stupid, the black socks with sandals of the old and carefree, and everyone in between. When I’m not rocking motherhood, I am doing laundry. Getting clothes from the washer to the dryer before they start to smell is a weekly goal.

I also enjoy finding mysteriously sticky stains on the kitchen floor, praying for patience while cleaning the yellow dribble in the bathroom, holding back four-letter words while surgically removing tiny Lego pieces from my feet, chauffeuring the Miss and Mr to practices, lessons, school and playdates, and who doesn’t love a good Pokemon battle?

My kids are my life, and I am grateful every day for their loving hugs and sloppy kisses. Our faith keeps us grounded, our sarcasm keeps us laughing, everything else is a bonus!

So thank you for joining me on this crazy train!  Please send me your stories of funny motherhood mishaps, fatherhood follies and people of Walmart sightings.  We’ll make this site a collection of stories to keep us laughing through the adventures of parenting and hopefully through the teen years … hopefully.



Who needs normal?

Favorite quote of the day…

The Daught to My Guy as I was getting out of the shower this morning (they didn’t know I could hear them):

“Who needs normal when we have mom.”

Not sure what the context was but I’m grateful for their acceptance.

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Paintless Toes

I had a terrible dream last night that I was caught in public without a stitch of anything covering my everything. I was walking around a park with every dimple, crack and crevice on display but the only thing I was concerned about was that my toenails weren’t painted. The fact that I may blind passersby with my pale, pigmentally-challenged skin was of no concern. It was my plain, paintless toes that were the source of my embarrassment.

Freud would have a field day with me.

#PaintlessToes #FreudChallenge #PalmToHead #IDreamEveryNight #OutrageouslyOrdinary

Olympic Gold

If turning the toilet seat yellow were an Olympic sport, my baby would win gold. I’m starting to see the appeal of those lovely 70’s colors.

#OlympicGold #CleaningOlympicGoldForSevenYearsNow #WhyCantBoysAim #CheeriosAreGreatFloatingTargets
#ILoveMyGuy #OutrageouslyOrdinary

The Important Things

My son gave me a sad hug last night before bed. When I asked him what was wrong, he looked at me with sincere regret and told me he was sorry that I didn’t get anything for Valentine’s Day. I explained that his little gobsmacks (kisses) and his sister’s hugs were all the gifts I need, but he wasn’t convinced. He gave me a big monkey hug and told me I shouldn’t worry about not having a Valentine because he would always be mine.

In a time when the world seems to be so focused on things – popular things, expensive things, electronic things, silly things, the wrong things – it is so easy to forget that children need to be reminded that they are blessed beyond measure with simple things like their health. We need to remind them that true happiness is self-made. No gadget or gizmo, no trendy outfit, no car or house will lead them to a perfect life. Their character, their faith, their health, their love for family and hope for humanity is what will guide them to be successful.

In light of this week’s tragedy, I encourage us all to hug our children a little tighter and keep the focus on the important things.

#TheImportantThings #LoveMyLittleGuy #FaithLoveAndHope #MyBoyHasTheBestHeart #ChildrenAreTheInnocenceTheWorldNeeds #OutrageouslyOrdinary

Old Lady Laughs

I taught a lesson on different types of advertising strategies to my newspaper students this morning. I showed them commercials from the 50s, 60s and 70s. When it was over the kids told me they loved the commercials, but one little girl raised her hand and said “Ms. Cami, why did you use commercials from way back in the 1900’s? They just don’t look real.”  I told her that way back in the 1900’s didn’t seem very long ago to me… I wish you could have seen her face, like I was the Crypt Keeper. 

#OldLadyLaughs #KidsSayTheDarndestThings #OutrageouslyOrdinary

Pipe Scratching

Current situation – laying in my king size bed, cozy in freshly washed sheets, loving the rhythm of the rain coming down outside, saying my prayers of praise that my family is healthy and happy… and listening to the sound of tiny nails scratching the pipes in the wall of my bathroom getting louder and closer to my headboard, hoping it’s a ghost and not Mickey’s nasty cousin.

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