Please Be Seated

Hello again! It’s been quite a while since my last post, and I’ve missed you! Life has been in fast forward these last few months – except January. January seemed to crawl by like a slug on a salt stick.  And May.  May undoubtedly won the butt kicking contest this school year.

But now we’re in the middle of June, the beginning of summer break, and what my children like to call, the end of mandatory daily bathing.  This is a time when kids can be carefree and enjoy all the down time they missed while working so hard between tests.  It’s also a time when their little personalities can shine through the magic of more sleep (hopefully).

I was in line at a store today returning a few late night on-line regrets.  The cashier we were blessed with was less than thrilled to be behind the counter today, and even less excited to have customers.  She was doing little to help a clearly exhausted parent wrangling three children and a teething baby, who was holding an expired receipt for the item she was trying to return.  One boy was winning the knuckle-in-nostril competition, one boy was doing his best to convince a mannequin that he was “fwee” and the baby was drooling to the point that a wet floor warning sign was going to be necessary soon.

And then there was Hank.  Hank watched his mom doing her best to make this a successfully quick trip but was desperate to get her attention.  I knelt down to offer a distraction from mom when I heard him say “Mommy, I’m going to give you to three to look at me.  I can only hold this poop in for a little while.”

I stood back up and grinned at mom, “Sorry, I can’t do much to help with that.”

Hank looked at me with truth in his eyes and a megaphone level voice, “You know, you have to sit down when you poop.  It doesn’t work when you stand up.”

“You’re very wise, my man. Very wise.”

I’m happy to report that the cashier got the giggles and let mom return her items, Hank made it to the bathroom with time to spare and no one slipped on the baby pool of drool.

Cheers to that mom for doing it all with a smile!

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2 thoughts on “Please Be Seated

  1. Travis Williams June 20, 2019 / 3:21 pm

    Nice! Good to see you back!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Outrageously Ordinary June 20, 2019 / 3:24 pm

      It feels good to be back! Would love your fatherly wisdom as a “guest speaker” if you want to share!


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