Pitter Patter of Little Feet

The Daught and I were up late giggling and making up stories last night. She is my quiet tween charmer so whenever she is in the mood to talk, I jump at the opportunity to hear the pearls of sarcasm she has to share, even if it is WAY past bedtime.

So we’re cuddled up in my bed, talking over the trials and tribulations of wearing a bra everyday, when a shadow caught my eye. I sat up to watch for it, while she laughed at me for being old and seeing things.

Then she saw it… Staring at us… Waiting to make its next move… A fuzzy little germ bag with a ridiculously long tail and beady black eyes.

As soon as I moved, it used it’s mousey magicians hat to disappear down the hallway. That’s when I hear The Daught, who is standing on my bed at this point, say “Let me get some things out of my room before we burn this place and rebuild.”

She’s definitely my daughter.

#PitterPatterOfLittleFeet #TheDaught #NightOwl #SarcasmAndSillyGiggles #TerminexTerminatedIt #MouseInTheHouseNoMore #OutrageouslyOrdinary

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