I made a quick trip to the pharmacy today to pick up a prescription. While I was waiting for it to be filled, I walked around the store to find anything I couldn’t live without. I was looking at shampoo that will make me look like Blake Lively when I saw a man pull his mask away from his face to cough. With a deep sigh and an eye roll, I went back to my shampoo.  

A minute later he coughed again and for whatever reason, I looked up curious if he would do it again. Nope. This time he was noodling for the big one, knuckle deep up his nose. He smiled at me and said, “Sorry, I have a tickle in my throat.” Impressive. 

As he is placing the mask back on his face, the inside flashes just long enough for me to see something curious.  I put Blake down and walk up to him, “Sir, is that a maxi pad on the inside of your mask?” “Sure is.” “Just out of curiosity… why?” “Oh, well my girlfriend told me this mask is too thin and I didn’t have another one so she gave me this.”

At this point my eyes are watering from keeping my laugh in, when he says with a chuckle, “I don’t recommend it though, it’s so hard to breathe in this thing.”  His chuckle let my laugh loose, “Is your girlfriend here?” “Sure is, she’s in the car.” “She didn’t come in with you?” “No.” “Well maybe next time you can borrow her mask and wear that one under yours.”

Then I watched the light bulb go off.  

I love a good epiphany.


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