Happy birthday, baby!

I’d like to wish my baby girl a very Happy Birthday!! Feb 1st marks 11 years since the house was clean… Happy day!

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Upside Down Town

After being stuck in the house for so many snow days,  I wanted to get some fresh air and a little exercise.  I went for an aimless walk and ended up walking by some undeveloped land near my kids school.  For whatever reason, my brain went on shutdown and I decided it would be a marvelous idea to do a cartwheel. No one was looking, there were no cars driving by, there were no smartphones to catch me… Why not, right?

I can tell you three things that I learned after flipping around…

1. The older I get, the less friendly gravity becomes. Triple that effect when upside down. I felt too many parts of me shift into new and unnatural locations.

2. The feeling of achievement for having actually done the cartwheel was incredible. The busted rubberband feeling in my legs afterwards reminded me for days that I am not as young as I think I am. 

3. A good bra is a necessary evil at this age. What hangs when upright could suffocate you when upside down. 

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Baker Not Cooker

My little guy and I watched Holiday Baking Championship over Christmas and it got him thinking that he wants to learn how to make “the big cakes with lots of frosting.”

He came in the kitchen while I was making dinner tonight to inform me that he’s going to be a baker when he grows up.  

“That’s great! You want to finish dinner?”

“Baker, mom, not cooker.”

“Got it. Can I be your assistant?”

“You sure can, I’ll need a ride to the shop.”

“I’m your girl. Can I taste test all your treats?”

“I’ll have paying customers for that. But you’ll have to pay the people.”

“The customers?”

“No, the 30 people who work for me. You do the business, I’ll do the baking.”

I think I just got a raise. I know the benefits are great!

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I’m a happy girl

My favorite snow days are the ones where fresh powder blankets everything for the day, and then goes away the next. #ImAHappyGirl #ILoveSnowDays #SnowCream #RaleighSnow #OutrageouslyOrdinary

Snow Days

I love the snow and am glued to the window to watch it fall.  I’m also watching the show… I have one dog who thinks the snow in the backyard is a big fat turkey dinner made just for him. The other one who thinks the yard is under attack and is barking at every single snowflake. 

Every. Single. Snowflake.

Love these snow days!

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A Blessing

My heat is broken and snow days are on their way … It’s like the Lord is blessing a Netflix binge in bed.

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Distinguished Palate 

My dog just turned her nose at the expensive food, then sat in front of it licking herself for five minutes.

I’ve never eaten dog food, but it can’t taste as bad as what she’s licking.

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