My Guy earned the Fairness award at school yesterday. He gave me a hug after this picture and said “too bad you can’t win awards anymore. Do they have awards for moms?”

Yes buddy, it’s called a no alarm clock kind of weekend.

“That’s it!”

That’s enough.

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God Bless You

I had lunch with the Daught yesterday on a bench outside, just the two of us enjoying a beautiful, pollen-dusted day. We’re still paying for it this morning.

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New Math

My confusion while my 7 year old teaches me new math… explain it one more time.

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Bowl Game

Rainy day fun with the kids and my mom meant bowling today. I was less than excited to go at first… wearing the well worn shoes of strangers has never been a favorite. I watched an employee “disinfect” a pair of used shoes and laughed out loud when she completely missed the inside of the shoe but put them on the shelf anyway.

But once we got going, we were laughing and cheering and making the kind of goofy memories that I hope we’ll always remember. Just being with each other, enjoying each other, and trying to beat Grandma at her own game!

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Morning Chunks

The Daught woke me up at 3am a few days ago with a stomach ache that quickly turned into enough vomiting to clog a pipe. Literally.

It was the kind of night where you keep waiting for the grown-up to come help, only to realize you are the mom and the bile that was sprayed like water from a fire hose is now soaking into the carpet, and it’s up to you to pick up the chunks and clean it.

I’m thinking the stains that will not come out (after scrubbing with every product I can think of) are there to remind me that the “hard” days probably aren’t as hard as the night I just experienced.

The Daught is feeling better and is no longer practicing for the lead role of The Exorcist. My Guy and I seem to have avoided the plague but I’m watching him like a ticking time bomb.

I feel like I am the poster-mom of Clorox and Pepcid this week. I may have hated the clean up, but the cuddling has been worth it. I love these two little fruitcakes. “I know you do mom, you cleaned up my chunks and never complained once when you stepped in them.” – The Daught

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Garden Smells

A big rain is coming, so after the kids left with their dad yesterday, I hurried to get more bulbs and plants in the ground. I’ll take a free watering any time I can get it!

I threw all my energy into ripping out a boxwood from the front of the house. I hate boxwoods. The roots of this horrid bush run everywhere. It took an hour to get the blame thing out of the ground. I didn’t work that hard giving birth.

I used the new hole to plant a hydrangea. It looked big at Home Depot but compared to the monstrosity it’s replacing, it now looks like a tiny shrunken head planted between the boxwoods (soon to be ripped out when my back stops hurting).

Once it was settled into it’s new spot, I got the fish fertilizer out to give the hydrangea a boost. That was the plan but as I was tripping over the shovel, I felt the full gallon of fishy water pour all over me.

There is no telling what the fertilizer will encourage. I’m hoping for bigger boobs but doubt I’m that lucky. While I wait to see what grows, the scent surrounds me and keeps the incident “fresh” on my mind.

Now I hate boxwoods and fish.

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Feeling Blue

On a whim, I painted my front door a beachy blue today.  The door looks great but needs a new door knocker.  As I was looking up ideas, a site on “what your door color says about you” popped up.  I clicked on it to learn that a blue door symbolizes stability, tranquility, and peace.

A second after I learned that my life will forever now be calm, the fire alarm went off (dead battery).  While I was trying to stop the blaring siren, the oven timer went off.  When I got to the oven to stop the beeping, my phone rang.  All of this causing the dogs to go bat crap crazy.

I’m thinking the house still thinks the door is red.

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