Car Games

In an attempt to end the backseat bickering of my beloved children, I invented a game today that actually made us laugh, kept their attention for at least half an hour and could help with young readers learning their ABC’s.

We played it two ways….

License plate pronunciation – try to pronounce the random letters on any plate to make a word. Then make up a definition for that “word”.

License plate acronyms – use the (generally) three letters on a plate to come up with an acronym of a club that driver belongs to. Example: the driver of plate PTN1234 was in the Purple Toe Nail club. The driver of plate EMC1234 was in the Eat More Chicken club. But my favorite was the driver with plate FNH1234 who was in the Funky Nose Hair club. That one had the kids in stitches… you had to be there I guess 🙂

These games worked for us, I hope they will make your next roadtrip to the beach or the grocery store a little bit funnier! Let me know what your car games are!

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2 thoughts on “Car Games

  1. Barbara B Anderson July 31, 2018 / 6:46 pm

    PTN…..Pick the Nose


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