I write down the fun things my children say in a notebook. I started it when The Daught was about three years old so over the years I have collected unintentional zingers, sweet sayings, the terrible 3’s and everything in between.

I came across this little gem and thought how ironic it was since we are currently working through the sibling frustrations that come with summer, like “He’s looking at me!”

When did my babies grow up so fast?!

Grace (then 5 years old) said to Blair (then almost 2 years old) “if you were my kid, I would take really good care of you. I would let you pick your nose whenever you wanted to. Blair said, “Really?!” Grace said, “yep! But you’re no allowed to wipe it on me, that’s straight to the stool kind of stuff.”


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One thought on “Flashback

  1. Travis Williams July 11, 2018 / 9:04 am

    Good stuff. Assume “the stool” is the time out spot of choice? I have a piece of paper somewhere with that stuff and it surfaces every now and then to humorous ends.

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