I’ve told my children for years that I don’t care what instrument they play, as long as they learn to play something.  But before you play the saxophone with Kenny G, the ukulele like Israel Kamakawiwo’ole or bass for Aerosmith’s revival tour, you have to learn how to read music.  The best way to do that? Piano lessons.

So once a week they take piano. They are actually pretty good (said the proud, completely biased mama).  And I don’t even make them practice, they like sitting down and playing, which brings a whole new kind of music into the house.  I absolutely love it!

During my daughter’s lesson today, my son whispers that he has to go to the bathroom.  It’s still pretty cute when he whispers things to me because on a normal day, he’s fairly quiet.  When he “whispers”, however, he sounds like he’s been sitting in front of the speakers at a White Snake concert and has no control over his volume.

So I walk him to the rest room and sit on a bench to wait for him.  “Can you come sit in here mommy?  Pleeeeeeeeeeease?”

I’m such a sucker for these little people I live with.

I go in the stall and there sits my boy, doing his business and smiling like the Cheshire cat.  But I love the little goofball, so I lock the stall door and breathe through my mouth for a while.

Lucky for me, Captain Chatty has multiple conversation topics to discuss so we dive right in to recess, why lunch isn’t long enough and, of course, which Pokemon character would make the best pet.  The normal.

I bait him with silly questions to keep him laughing and talking, because even through the stench, I love listening to his little ideas.  He was almost done with his duty when he looked down and without missing a beat or taking a breath he said:

“I know they could climb trees but we have a fence.  And a tall fence so it doesn’t really matter.  But if we got a pool we would have to make sure he could swim.  He may be able to swim already.  And man, my pee pee is stuck to my leg… huh.”

He said it like it belonged in the conversation so it took me a minute to process.  By the time I clued in, he hit me with a HUGE smile and said “Look at it.  It’s really hanging on there.”

I knew men were preoccupied by this particular appendage from an early age, but it just seems a little early for my baby to have pee pee pride.  But I’m not a man, I guess I can’t understand this one any more than men can comprehend labor pains.

C’est la vie.




Below is a link to one of my all time favorite songs, “Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.  Enjoy!


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