Risky Business

I am completely biased, but I have a brilliant little girl.  She sees things in ways I never have.  She calculates numbers in a way I never will.  I can’t wait to see what she does with her brain and brawn.

That’s why it is such a shame that she suffers from amnesia.  She can’t remember that I asked her to clean her room.  She has trouble with the concept of putting dirty dishes in the sink.  And, more recently, she is forgetful when it comes to taking a washcloth into the shower before stepping into the spray.  More often than not I hear a “moooooooooooom” come from the bathroom around the eight minute mark of her showering.risky business

Today, as she was getting in the shower, I was sitting in the kitchen with my boy discussing Greek mythology.  He’s six and knows far more than I did, even after joining a Greek organization myself (I can still recite the Greek alphabet before the match burns my fingers though).

Here’s how the conversation went:

Me – “I’ll bet you $1 she forgets the washcloth.”

Boy – “I’ll take that bet.  I’ll be right back.”

Me – “Whoa.  Where are you going?”

Boy – “I have to go to the bathroom.” (said with a trickster’s smile)

Me – “No way dude!  You sit back on this stool and wait for it.”

Boy – “Aw man.  What if I really had to pee?”

Me – “Go outside.”

We wait about five minutes and hear the quintessential call.  “Mooooooooooom, can you get me a washcloth?”

Me – “Ha!  Pay up short stack!”

Boy – “What!  You were serious?”

Me – “I want cash, wee one.”

Boy – “This is not how I usually do business.”

Bahahahahaha!  I let him keep his bill in exchange for the belly laugh.





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