Defensible Uselessness

I need to do laundry. I should have done some yesterday but dinner at a friend’s house trumped clean clothes.  I’ll just throw something in the dryer to fluff and freshen tomorrow’s outfit.  It will be our secret.

I need to cook dinner.  I should have had it on the table an hour ago but my little man wanted to help.  As you mothers know, this adds a solid 30 minutes to even the simplest of dinners.  His willingness to learn and help cancels out the late plating.  Now if I could only get him interested in dish washing.

The dogs need a bath.  I should have hosed them down today but my big girl wanted to read her book curled up next to me.  Cuddling on the couch wins every time.  The house is dog-funky but a little air freshener should mask the eau de puppy, at least until bed time.

The yard needs sprucing.  I should have been out there picking up sticks and trimming wild stems but the mosquitoes are insane and my 14 bites are just now going adefensible-uselessnessway (see “I’m a chick magnet” for that back story).

Bed time is 8pm.  I should have had the kids in bed and drifting off by now but Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin is on and I’m a sucker for tradition.  I love that the kids love the old cartoons and plan to support that cause no matter the bedtime delay.  I’m tired of Pokemon and Minecraft.  I need some Snoopy.

So basically, I am completely useless at home but have solid alibis for at least a few of my failures.  I call that a motherdom win.




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