Oh yeah, I’m a dude.

This stuff only happens to me…

I am at a light on Glenwood (big road in Raleigh). As usual, I am rocking my own concert in the car with the windows down – I love the nip in the air.

A car pulls up, I finish my ballad, then turn my head to find her rocking to her own beat. We smile at each other in comradery… it’s not just anyone who can make this look cool, you know. I switch stations and find what she is singing and join in. We harmonize beautifully, of course, just two crazy ducks in our own little pond.

oh-yeah-im-a-dudeThe light turns green and she says “Have a good night” in the deepest voice I have heard in a long time. It caught me off guard and since I don’t have the ability to separate my thoughts from my facial expressions quite yet, I know my eyebrow shot up to give her the “HUH?!” face. SHE laughed out loud and said, “Oh yeah, I’m a dude.” and drove away.

I am so thrown by this … first of all, where did the voice go while he was singing?  He had an Adam Levine quality, there was no baritone there.  Second, and more importantly, he drove off before I could get tips on concealers and mascara. And how did he get his eyeliner to do that sweep thing at the end but still look natural?






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