Trivial Problems #1,259

Trivial Problems I have #1,259:

I really am sorry to complain.  I try not to crab about what life dishes out because there is always someone who has a worse hand than you were dealt.  But more importantly, there is always something to be grateful for and I try to focus on my blessings, not my blunders.

But …

patientFor the last week, I have been fighting a sinus infection, the beginnings of an ear infection, viral conjunctivitis in my right eye, and just a few hours ago I managed to break my toe.  I haven’t strung that many four letter words together since I sat down to watch The Goonies on VHS and found out someone had taped over it.

I. Am. Frustrated.

I’ve already had a full week of looking and quasimodofeeling like Quasimodo, and now I have a limp to go with the looks.  I feel my pulse in my toe and with every beat I hear “mor-on”…”mor-on”…”mor-on”.

My eyeball feels like the soccer ball they used during the Olympics.  Beaten, dirty, gritty and kicked but still in play.

The maid officially quits when I’m sick, so the house is a disaster.  (I have to quit saying that in front of the kids though.  I heard one of them telling their friend that the maid quit, not knowing the maid is really me… I’m like Clark Kent and Superman, without the feather duster).

Please say a little prayer for my Wednesday.  Hopefully hump day does not mean my back goes out and I end the week bent over.

A funny friend at work has offered to wrap me in bubble wrap to prevent any more incidents/ailments.  At this point, I may take them up on it.

#iwanttorunawaytothebeach     #allthewrongpartsarebulging     #brokentoesdontlikeshoes     #choosetolaughthroughthestumbles     #perfectweektobuyalotteryticket

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