Young people today

Time is flying too quickly!

fb_img_1474249385546.jpgA boy bought cigarettes at the grocery store in front of me the other day. His pants were far below his waistline, his hat was on sideways, his tattoos seemed to be spelled correctly but his shoelaces were untied.  Clearly, the stress of responsibility and ambition were enough to warrant a drag.  They carded him and his birthday was in 1998. Eeeewwwww, he’s a baby! Don’t sell him those!p183931_b_v8_ac.jpg

I asked a tween-age girl in our neighborhood if she had seen Friends. Her answer… “I have lots of friends, I see them all the time.”  What? How do you not know Friends?  The show ended in 2004… that means we haven’t clapped with the intro of an original episode in 12 years.  Sigh.

download.jpg I was talking with a teacher at the kid’s school about Sting and the Police. In my mind, I can still see where to put the needle on the record to play “Every Breath You Take” (one of my all time favorite songs).  A young mom heard me and asked why I would put a needle on it, “wouldn’t it scratch it?” Seriously?! Turns out, she hadn’t been born when that song was released…Walk away from me.


I was describing my gorgeous best friend to someone not long ago. I always say she has Farah Fawcett hair because it is thick and perfectly feathered/layered. She looked at me, straight-faced, and said “Who?”. I said “You know, she was one of Charlie’s Angels.” To which SHE replied, “No, the Angels are Drew, Cameron and Lucy.”  Just never mind.


A group of friends and I were talking about all the hospital shows on TV and I said they all stem from M*A*S*H and St. Elsewhere. One of them asked if St. Elsewhere was a hospital in Hollywood that let the actors shadow and learn how to be “doctors”.  Oh good glory.

I don’t feel old until these people talk to me… and they seem to flock to me lately.






One thought on “Young people today

  1. Amy Preddy September 24, 2016 / 5:03 am

    Ha! Omg…I probably relate more than you know. When “Thirty Something” was about “old people”.
    I’m 44 ….so I feel this post way down deep. Ha


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