Thankful Prayer

The kids and I went back and forth for 15 minutes about what to make for dinner tonight.  No one was in the mood for the same thing.  The boy wanted grill cheese, the girl wanted soup and I wanted not to cook.

Mama’s vote counts twice.  Take-out it is!

We brought everything back home and had dinner at the dining room table with all the laughs, stories and pleas to eat the healthy stuff that would have happened if I had cooked.

When my family sits down for dinner, take-out or not, we always say Thankful Prayer.  Each person names a handful of things they are grateful for from the day, or in general.  It ranges from the love of family and the roof over our heads, to a new Pokemon card and the big poop they took at school that made them feel better so they could play hard at recess…

Yes, that was actually said at the table and no, I did not fuss at anyone when milk sprayed across the table in laughter at said prayer.  We’ve all been there.

So today, my little angels were saying Thankful Prayer and I sat there listening to their little hearts finding hope and appreciation for the little things.  I just adore them kept running through my mind while they thanked God for all their blessings.

Then my baby girl finished with “and I am grateful for all the animals…”

“How sweet is that?” I thought, so considerate of the world around her.

“…because most of them are delicious and the one’s that aren’t get eaten by the one’s that are.”

Hide your pets friends, Grace is going through a growth spurt and may be looking for a snack.





One thought on “Thankful Prayer

  1. Andrea Smythe September 17, 2016 / 7:28 pm

    Wesay a thankful prayer as well. Though I don’t think we’ve ever had such amusing ones as appear to happen at your house.

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