Sugarbaker in the Blood

We were fortunate enough to get a piano after the kids started taking lessons.  The trick was getting it in the house without destroying it, or the new sun room, in the process.  The men who delivered it were very kind and listened to me with patience while I droned on about the new tile floor and how if they scratched it, I would have to kill them.

I said it with a sweet southern drawl so they took it well.  I just channeled the Julia Sugarbaker running through these veins, with my eyebrow sky high, so they knew I would at least draw blood if something happened.

That’s the great thing about being a woman in the south.  As long as you say it with a sweet accent and a flirty grin, you can threaten death with no hard feelings.

For those lucky ladies who say y’all with a drawl, this is a lesson we learn early on in life.

The head delivery man smiled at me when the piano was placed, safe and sound with no scratches.  We gave him a nice tip, a bottle of water and I told him he was my hero.  He smiled and said he loved a woman who was this easy to please and told me what a keeper I was.

That’s me, I’m a “keeper”.  Pah!


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