Oh baby…

There comes a time in a man’s life when he is tested in wwp-1473809069397.jpgays that a woman could never understand.

For my son, this test was his first loose tooth.

It has been wiggly for about a week, and has been hanging by a thread for two days.  He spent the whole night pushing it back and forth with his tongue but freaking out at the idea of actually pulling it out.

I came up with so many fun ways to pull it, but he kept looking at me like I was off my meds…

We have Nerf gun battles all the time.  Why not tie a string from the Nerf bullet to the tooth and get a free shot at your sister.

Or get the little helicopter Santa brought and fly the tiny tooth right out.

Or tie it to the car and let me back it out of the driveway.

Or wrap it around the dog’s collar and throw a treat.  It would be out before the treat hit the ground.

Nope.  With terror in his eyes, he said I wasn’t allowed to be in charge of his wiggly teeth anymore.

When he got up this morning, the first thing he did was push and twist his tooth around with his tongue.  It was literally hanging, but I still wasn’t allowed anywhere near it.

In the end, brushing his teeth was the death of the thread.  With one stroke of the brush, the tooth was out with no fuss or fight.

With one stroke of the brush, my baby lost his first baby tooth.

After they fall asleep, I’m running to their dad’s house to sneak the Tooth Fairy’s note under his pillow.  He may be growing up, but I’m not ready for him to stop believing in magic yet.







One thought on “Oh baby…

  1. Tara M September 14, 2016 / 6:00 am

    Love it! I asked him how his day was and he said”grreat!”. Then i asked what made it great and he said “I lost my first tooth!” I wish i had a pictire of his face!

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