Husband Hotline

I have never been a shrinking violet. In general, I know I can accomplish what I put my mind to. I say what I mean, I mean what I say.  And although I actually don’t think I’m anything extraordinary, I’ve learned through the ups and downs in life that I’m tough and will figure it all out… sometimes slowly, but always eventually.

Which is why it chaps my tush that in my hour of need, my husband can swoop in and fix something in 5 mins that I’ve been working on for 5 hours. 

Lawn mower not working… one smack and fixed.

Overhead light blinking… rewired and bright.

Sink clogged… one snap and done.

Closet literally imploded on itself… he knows all the tricks.

Even through the separation, I know I can count on him to show me up (aka: help). 

Except bugs, I have to kill those on my own now.  He’s mean like that.

#closetcatastrophyturnedtoopportunity #stillfriendsafterseparation #partnersincrimeevenafterdivorce #kidscomefirstnomatterwhat #menreallyshouldbethebugkillers

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