I woke up last night to the piercing siren of a low battery in a fire alarm. I staggered down the hall, following the awful noise to the kitchen. I looked up to see can lights but no alarm going off. I walked into the hall. No alarm. The living room. No alarm. Dining room. Nothing.

I headed back to the kitchen, hearing the volume go up, slurring four letter words. No alarm. So I started the search again.

5 MINUTES LATER – ears ringing, dogs whining, ready to drive away and leave the 3am sensory attack behind me – I see the flashing light of the alarm tucked behind the candy jar on the counter.

And then it hit me… I took it down last week to change the battery to prevent this very situation but didn’t have the right size batteries.

It mysteriously broke last night so now I need a new alarm and more batteries.

#Piercing #EarsStillRinging #NapWhileKidsAreAtVBS #FireSafety #HomeDepotHasEverythingINeed #OutrageouslyOrdinary

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