Garden Smells

A big rain is coming, so after the kids left with their dad yesterday, I hurried to get more bulbs and plants in the ground. I’ll take a free watering any time I can get it!

I threw all my energy into ripping out a boxwood from the front of the house. I hate boxwoods. The roots of this horrid bush run everywhere. It took an hour to get the blame thing out of the ground. I didn’t work that hard giving birth.

I used the new hole to plant a hydrangea. It looked big at Home Depot but compared to the monstrosity it’s replacing, it now looks like a tiny shrunken head planted between the boxwoods (soon to be ripped out when my back stops hurting).

Once it was settled into it’s new spot, I got the fish fertilizer out to give the hydrangea a boost. That was the plan but as I was tripping over the shovel, I felt the full gallon of fishy water pour all over me.

There is no telling what the fertilizer will encourage. I’m hoping for bigger boobs but doubt I’m that lucky. While I wait to see what grows, the scent surrounds me and keeps the incident “fresh” on my mind.

Now I hate boxwoods and fish.

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One thought on “Garden Smells

  1. ebrookshar April 4, 2018 / 2:55 pm

    Is fish emulsion your new favorite perfume??

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