Feeling Blue

On a whim, I painted my front door a beachy blue today.  The door looks great but needs a new door knocker.  As I was looking up ideas, a site on “what your door color says about you” popped up.  I clicked on it to learn that a blue door symbolizes stability, tranquility, and peace.

A second after I learned that my life will forever now be calm, the fire alarm went off (dead battery).  While I was trying to stop the blaring siren, the oven timer went off.  When I got to the oven to stop the beeping, my phone rang.  All of this causing the dogs to go bat crap crazy.

I’m thinking the house still thinks the door is red.

#FeelingBlue  #BeachBlue  #HomeImprovements  #FrontDoorColors  #HomeDepot  #HateToPaint  #LoveHomeProjects  #NoKidsWeekendMeansHouseProjects  #RedDoorNoMore  #OutrageouslyOrdinary

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