I Was Going For Hot…

I’m shopping in Brier Creek with the rest of Raleigh today. While waiting in line, a 70+ year old woman asked me if the outfit she was buying looked good for a party tonight.  I told her she would look beautiful and she said “Damn, I was going for hot.”  THEN she went into detail about how she was trying to make it impossible for her neighbor not to ask her out, she’s had her eye on him long enough and it’s time he made a move. “Nothing worse than a slow moving man.”  Bahahahaha! She just made shopping (my absolute least favorite thing) the best part of my day!  

#IWasGoingForHot #AmenSister #IWantToBeHerWhenIGrowUp #ThankGoodnessForAmazonPrime #ItsCoffeeBreakTime #ExcuseTheLanguage

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