Body Talk Time

The elder of my little fruitcakes started learning about human growth and development yesterday at school.  Like everyday, on the way home I asked the kids if they learned anything that surprised them…

This is the back seat conversation that followed.

Me: Learn anything that surprised you today?

The Daught: It’s body talk time for me. It’s all surprising and disturbing.

My little guy: What’s body talk time?

The Daught: It’s hair. Hair that grows everywhere.

My little guy: Everywhere?

The Daught: No spot is safe and no one can run from it.

My little guy: Cool.

The Daught: Cool until it’s in your face in class. You can’t unsee these things, bud.

#BodyTalkTime #HairAndHormones #MyBabyIsntABabyAnymore #OutrageouslyOrdinary 

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