Elfing Around

And so it begins…

This is our first year experiencing the thrill of a troublesome elf in our home. The kids are older, starting to wonder, and even though the idea of finding our elf in precarious positions every morning is alittle daunting, I look forward to seeing their eyes sparkle at the magic of the season.  I would do anything to protect their innocent belief.  It’s not that I want them to stay little forever, it’s that I want them to hold on to the hope and marvel that can Christmas bring.

I may want to strangle our new little friend before the month is over, but for now, I choose to believe he’ll use his power for good.

Any advice or tips are appreciated. 

#ElfingAround #ElfOnTheShelf #NameIsToBeDetermined #IdeasWelcome #WhatHaveIDone #OutrageouslyOrdinary 

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