Come Into The Light

I had coffee with the sweetest man last night.  After decorating all day, I didn’t feel like making dinner so I went to the Whole Foods hot bar… such a wild Saturday night.  Jimmy walked up to me and asked if I could help him because he was a little unsteady after a long day. I filled his to-go box while learning that he had been at the hospital all day  while his first great grandchild “came into the light”. He was sad that his wife wasn’t here to meet little Madeline but he was proud to say the baby was as beautiful as she was.  We sat at the booth and talked about babies and how times had changed, over coffee and a snickerdoodle.  When we were saying goodbye, he kissed my hand and told me he was glad to bring a smile to kind eyes. 

I love how people are put in your path when you need a little something.  I got a little coffee and courting, and he got to boast about his beautiful ladies. 

Welcome to the light little Madeline!

#ComeIntoTheLight #HeKissedMyHand #GentlemenAreRare #OutrageouslyOrdinary

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