Twisted Gift

The daught stories continue… 

My girl had a bad dream the other night and woke up needing a hug. I laid down with her and felt her shaking from waking up afraid. 

I’ve learned that one of the many keys to parenting is distraction so I held her tighter and told her she had been talking in her sleep (which was true).

She looked up with a grin and asked what she had said.

“How in the world am I supposed to know where the thermos is?!”

She giggled but was still snuggled tight so I made up a story around her thermos.  I had her laughing out loud at magic thermoses full of helium juice, the seat of her pants covered in different colors from sliding on rainbows, running marathons and being chased by flying pigs that oinked her name while trying to steal the helium juice, etc. 

…If only I could use my powers for good…

She was dozing off with a smile when I heard the following:

“Mom, my husband is going to have to stay home with the kids.”

Always game for a random thought, I asked her why.

“Because there is no way I could have pulled that story out of no where. You’ve got a twisted gift, my friend.”

I laugh-cried for the next 15 minutes.

#Twisted Gift




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