The Great Debate

My children can be cuddling and loving one minute, and arguing like their lives depend on it the next.  I know it’s an occupational hazard of being a sibling, but listening to it escalate makes me a little nuts – especially when the argument is over something completely and utterly stupid.

“My shirt is blue!”  “Nuh-uh!  Your shirt is baby blue!”


But one argument I always find entertaining is what I now call the Great Debate…

Who is better?He man and She ra illustrations

She-Ra or He-Man.

I can’t help but sit back with a handful of popcorn and a big 80’s kid grin, and watch them go back and forth about the many strengths and talents of these characters.  But tonight, I am excited to tell you the gauntlet was thrown and they declared a winner.

My son was defending He-Man and listing the characteristics of the ultimate hero.  His muscles, his heart, his sword, his pet, his friends, the list went on and on.  He was blue in the face and so proud of himself for being able to shut his sister up.

What he didn’t know was that my daughter was having a moment of clarity.  She sat there quietly listening to the mile-long list.  When he was done, she smiled the “I’m about to put you in your place” smile and said –

“She-Ra does all of that, but she does it in heels.”

Mic drop.

They shook hands, cementing the win.






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