Carnivals, Canes & Coffee

I had a revelation today… nothing worth muting the TV over, just a little something. 

I, along with several others, have been working hard on my kids school carnival for the last few weeks.  I was happy to help, loved it actually, and am proud to say we raised thousands of dollars for a school that I really believe in.  

The day of the carnival was spent hustling and bustling, and passed in a blink. When families started arriving I wasn’t technically ready, but used my powers of distraction that came with my motherhood membership card until it was perfect. 

I ran around all night, along with the carnival committee’s Awesome Squad, putting out fires and making it all seem flawless to the 500 people walking the grounds. 

At 10p, I realized I had forgotten to eat dinner, hadn’t had anything to drink in hours and the three hours of sleep I had gotten the night before was (shockingly) wearing off … I felt old. Elated, grateful and proud of all our hard work, but old.

Where did the energy go? I pulled all-nighters all the time in college without the dark circles, brain haze or coffee addiction.  I pulled them again with both kids and although it slowed me down a little, I bounced back in a minute and was ready for more.

It has now taken me a full weekend of early bed times, naps and sleeping in until 8am (that’s late in our house) to reverse the exhaustion. I feel human again but may need a cane to make it through Monday.

So the epiphany is: the treadmill is no time machine.  All the work I’ve been doing to tighten and tone the flab and dimples is no match for a hard 16 hour day.  

For now, I’m headed back to the coffee pot and am saying prayers of thanks for a rainy day that almost requires cuddles on the couch and lazy day card games with the kids.





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