Shopping with a Smile

Since NC is experiencing an early summer in February, I decided to break out the shorts for the kids.  They are, of course, neatly balled up and organized in the dark and dusty back corner of each child’s closet marked “these are still kind of roomy, hopefully we can save a small fortune on a new wardrobe and they can wear this next summer”.

But, alas, they have each grown a foot and what were nice shorts are now Daisy Duke inspired and incredibly tight on tiny legs (not a good look, especially for my boy).  So off to Target we go… and Kohl’s… and Macy’s… and Old Navy.

What is going on with girl’s clothes lately?  We found boy’s clothes in every store we went to.  Easy shopping, lots of cute stuff, several sizes to choose from, purchases made and checked off the list.  My kind of shopping.

But the girl’s clothes are covered in glitter, stupid sayings, random animals, more glitter, ruffles, lace, many are see through, or have been bedazzled to the point that it weighs more than my daughter.  It’s awful!

Add to that, she is a no frills, no dresses, no apologies for it, tomboy.

Add to that, neither one of us like shopping.  We, quite literally, would rather be doing anything else.

Sporty Spice and I searched for hours for scraps – both of us frustrated, neither of us satisfied with what we found.  So off to the house we go for a little AmazonSmile time.  I am a veteran Amazon shopper, but new to  You shop like you always do, but a portion of your purchases goes towards whatever organization you choose.  My donations are sent to my children’s school and The Wounded Warriors Project.

Next time you need to go shopping, think about giving back while you do it.  And if you find any de-glittered, cute, animal-free girls clothes, shoot me an email.  Sporty Spice and I would appreciate it!







2 thoughts on “Shopping with a Smile

  1. Anonymous February 27, 2017 / 1:12 pm

    I know! Girls clothes have become ridiculous! I know you and grace must have been so frustrated!I am having a hard time with my 6 yr old!

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  2. Travis Williams February 27, 2017 / 3:02 pm

    It does feel like the boy’s clothes have turned to “cute” while the girl’s have moved to “sass.” Sorry, but I have a few more years ’till she’s due a ‘tween makeover.

    Thanks for pointing out the tip on diverting funds to the school via Amazon purchases. I’ve seen that prompt before while shopping, but have avoided it – as I have the person roaming the Home Depot wielding a clipboard and promising of good kitchen makeover deals – figuring there was some catch. You hate shopping; I hate investigating. That said, will gladly tread where you have trod and sign up ere my next checkout.

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