Weekend Alarm Clocks

Someone please invent a magical fairy dust that will allow my children to sleep as long and deeply on the weekends as they do on a school day. 

I was cuddled up with my pillow this morning, enjoying the “late” hour (7am) when my little guy walked in and curled up behind me.  I told him I wanted a lazy morning in bed and that he could turn the TV on and watch whatever he wanted. 

When my daughter joined the cuddle time I was in heaven. They were watching a cartoon, I was resting my eyes. Great Saturday morning send off into the weekend.

That lasted approximately three minutes before my son whispered “I’m hungry”.  My daughter whispered back “Just wake her up slowly and tell her there’s coffee”.  Ha!

It got me thinking though, they are definitely old enough to learn the 1-2-3’s of making coffee.  After all, it does benefit the whole family apparently.




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