I’m A Baller

I think I’ve shared the fact that if you want anything from me, the sure fire way to get me to agree to anything is to rub my back. I will stop whatever it is that I’m doing and focus on whatever it is that you are saying if your thumbs are getting the knots out of my shoulders. 

My children have learned this and wait until bedtime to break out the big guns. And I fall for it a solid 90% of the time… I consider it a win-win.

But these knots are fierce. Tiny hands can’t conquer these things.  A jack hammer would go dull on them.  Professionals have exclaimed over them. Grown men have given it their all and still not come close to breaking them down. 

So after a minute, the kid’s fingers get tired and they want to quit. We can’t have that, now can we?! This is a teaching moment – Don’t be a quitter! Never give up! Anything worth doing is worth doing right!

The other night I was actually hurting and desperate for just a little relief. So our compromise was Norwex dryer balls.

These things are wonderful in the dryer, I love them! They keep the static away and I put “Fresh Cotton” oil on them so the clothes smell incredible for days. 

It turns out they are also awesome on the old shoulders.  I pulled those bad boys out of the dryer and made a game of the kids rolling them all over my back!! They are the size and feel of tennis balls but are a little softer and smell much better. The kids think it’s fun, their little hands stay energetic and my knots get rolled… another win-win.

This epiphany has been going on for about a week now, but I didn’t realize they liked it so much until we were walking out of school yesterday and my sweet girl asked, with a huge smile on her face, if they could “use the balls on me tonight”… 

Heck yes you can! We’ll get the balls out right after dinner!

Let’s hope CPS doesn’t get any calls and show up at my door this week. 





To get your Norwex massaging dryer balls, contact my gorgeous friend Katie Watson at katie.erin.watson@gmail.com or go to katie.watson.norwex.biz!

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