Happily ever after?

I had dinner with the kids a little early and hit senior’s prime time dining hour. You know the schedule  – dinner by 5p, lunch around 10:30a, breakfast the night before.

So we were talking about our day and I noticed an older couple next to us quietly eating their dinner. They never said a word to each other, just ate and looked out the window.  They looked sad to me so I said a quick prayer of hope for them.

I really should mind my own business…

A few minutes later she asked him for the salt. 

He said “eh?” 

She said “pass the salt!” 

Turning his hearing aid up, he said “What did you say you crazy old woman?”

To which SHE replied “You haven’t seen crazy yet you bald pig, now pass me the damn salt!”

… I get the window focus now. Carry on.





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