Did I miss a memo… When did Whole Foods become a living, breathing

I was the only one there without an inch of make up, a push up bra and an agenda.  And to make matters worse, I forgot my reusable shopping bags which earned me more than one dirty look.

I got everything on my list as quickly as possible and was waiting at the registers when I saw a couple in their late seventies/early eighties sitting at a table toasting each other with paper cups.  Very sweet.match-commisary

When I was done checking out, I asked them what they were celebrating.  She said they met at a Whole Foods a few years ago and fell in love.  They’ve been coming to celebrate every year since this store opened.  He kissed her hand in Clark Gable fashion and said she was the girl of his dreams.  She blushed like a school girl, and held his hand to her cheek.

It was like stepping back in time, when a man courted a lady and a lady let him sweep her off her feet.

So, happy 4th anniversary to the lovebirds at Whole Foods.  May you have many more paper cup toasts and inspire these “young people” to revive the art of romance.

#thereismagicinthewholefoodsair    #youarenevertoooldforcupidsarrow     #papercupscanbeincrediblyromantic     #itsthelittlethingsinlife     #hewas80beforehefoundtruelove    #shesnaggedhimwithhersmile


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