Like many of you, “googling” has become a verb for me. It is my go-to website whenever I’m in need of help with a:

  • DIY project that I should have gotten directions for before starting
  • Electronics issue when my kids aren’t here to fix it
  • My 4th grader’s homework
  • A recipe that will turn the last three remaining pantry items into something scrumptiously edible for dinner 
  • A gift for that crafty friend who always delivers something thoughtfully amazing, making you feel obligated to use MacGyver-like tactics to make an incredible gift with only a q-tip, old socks and a welding iron

Google delivers every time. 

But when a medical condition presents itself but isn’t doctor visit worthy, please avoid your googling tendencies. 

Weird rash? That’s cancer.

Head ache? Cancer.

Ingrown toenail? You’re going down, my friend, that’s cancer. 

Cellulite? 40 celebs images with cottage cheese thighs.

How does that make anyone feel better?! 

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