Dirty Splash of Color

Today’s entry of trivial problems I have #654: the cup you think is empty that you flip upside down into the dishwasher and send a tsunami of dirty water/drink all over yourself, the floor and the cabinets.

The sink was full of today’s dishes so I started throwing them into the dishwasher as the kids started a movie.  I flipped a cup to add it to the top rack, splashing a mixture of milk, coffee grounds and soapy water all over the cabinets, floor and my cozy fat pants that I love.  Teeth gnashing, I took a deep breath and finished loading so I could clean it all up.

The problem was, once I got down on the floor to get the messy milk mixture off the cabinets, I noticed 1,000 other little stains that I had been blind to.  I wiped away the obvious spots, only to find more spots on the cabinets that I thought were white, but up close were disgusting.  So the cabinets got a Clorox scrubbing.

Then it was the oven’s turn.  It just needed a wipe down to get the splash off.  Until I looked closer and saw the ashes of dinners long ago on the inside and grease splatters on the glass top.  So the oven got a Clorox scrubbing and spent some time at 900 degrees.

Last but not least, the floor.  I used a few paper towels to get all of the milk and coffee grounds up and thought I was done.  But as I tossed the towels, I saw how dirty the floor actually was.  So once again, I got my Clorox out and scrubbed the floor, even getting the little corner that never gets much attention and is every spider’s dream hiding place.

So basically, I missed the entire movie and cleaned what can easily be compared to any frat house kitchen … and I’m afraid to really look in the fridge.

#myhandsstillsmelllikeclorox  #nooneisallowedinthekitchen  #papajohnsfordinner  #mykitchenneedsacarwash  #ineedaselfcleaningfridge


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