Crack Fries

mcds friesWe drove home from the mountains today and in the rush of cleaning the house and getting packed up, I forgot to eat.  You mother’s will understand – you make sure everyone in the house has eaten and are reasonably clean, clothed and comfortable, but don’t think about yourself until your stomach makes this sound like a lion cub is growling under water.  And it only gets louder if you are in front of others or in a quiet place.

About a minute into the trip the sky opened up and it started to downpour.  Food became an afterthought because my white-knuckled grip wouldn’t allow bites of anything.  When it eased a bit we stopped at a McDonald’s to let the dogs out and get some grub.  I’m not a fan of fast food personally, I rarely eat it and try not to let the kids eat it too often.  But McDonald’s has one thing I can never say no to.

Their french fries are addictive.  They have invented some kind of crack powder that they sprinkle in the grease that makes them impossible to deny.  After shoving a medium fry down my throat, I begged a few more from the children’s happy meals, making sure to lick every finger to get any grain of salt left behind.

The Mickey D’s crack fries get me every time.  If only they didn’t make your butt jiggle and dimple like they do… deep sigh.

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