Today’s Trivial Problems #217

Today’s entry of trivial problems I have #217: the peace and quiet time I get once the kids go to their dad’s house.

Of course I miss my babies, of course I want them all to myself, but I know they are having fun with their dad who adores them and takes very good care of them.

Normally I pack the night with plans, whether it’s dinner with friends, seeing a movie, cleaning out the dreaded closet under the stairs, purging old toys that are only loved after a threat of donation, home hair dye jobs, blackhead hunting and eyebrow tweezing, the wild and exciting list goes on.

Tonight, however, I have no plans.  The house is a wreck, I should be doing laundry… nope. There are dishes in the sink, I should unload the dishwasher… nope.  The bathrooms are actually clean but let’s be honest, a six year old boy lives here so there’s always a little yellow to clean up… nope.

At a time when I would be rushing to maketrivial problems 217 dinner, feed children, clean dinner, clean children, read stories, just trying to make it to that first second of laying down at the end of a long day on cool sheets… here I sit with no babies, no tv, no radio, no dogs barking, just quiet.

I never realized how loud the ice maker is.

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