I’m a hot mess

tired-momWhy is it that I can spend an hour getting ready, and I don’t run into a soul I know and don’t turn a head while out.

I’ll have a good hair day, styled just so with no cow licks showing or frizz that only Buckwheat or Don King would be proud of.

Good face day, no unsightly volcanoes erupting or flags flying from my nose.

Good looking clothes that make me feel trim and tall, and are free of the white toothpaste drip, and drops of food that inevitably land on a woman’s chest.

No familiar faces to be found.

But God forbid I run an errand in an old t-shirt, without makeup and a messy ponytail. It’s a flipping blast from the past get together of beautiful people I haven’t seen in weeks/months! And, of course, they look great, smell great, and have rays of sunshine highlighting their put-togetherness.

Raleigh, be warned. I have a ton of errands to run today and look like hell. So if you see me out and about and you’ve had a shower, please just shoot me an email from afar (and down wind) saying it was good seeing me today but let’s get together another time when more (or any) attention has been paid to the beauty regime.

‘Preciate it!!!

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