Ghost Busting

On this rainy Saturday, I thought it was about time my kids were introduced to the world of The Ghostbusters. My little brother inducted himself into the G.B. when the original movie came out (note the proton pack in the picture), which meant that it was only off long enough to rewind the tape. I can still recite the lines.

So we see it on Netflix and both kids start begging to watch it. My Guy asks if it’s scary. The Daught’s answer sealed the deal…

“It was probably more scary in mom’s day when it first came out in black and white .”


It gets better…

We get to the part where Sigourney Weaver opens the fridge to find Zuul growling at her, and The Daught laughs out loud. “The real terror for mom would be that she had to go to back to the grocery store to replace the food.”

She’s a witty one.

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