Sick Arguments

With sick kids, the patience runs low and the arguing runs high. I’ve been a referee all day, rolling my eyes (mostly on the inside) at the ridiculous fights these two have been blessing me with. Fortunately, Dimetapp is on the menu soon.

We hit RiteAid for a prescription and as I’m checking out, the pharmacist comes over to praise me on my sweet children…. huh??

For one second, when they thought no one was looking, they chose good over evil and shared a space without arguing about whose feet smell worse, whose joke wasn’t funny, whose avatar was awesomer… and it was in public. Score!

Now we nap.

#SickArguments #SickBaby #TheDaught #SinusInfection #MyMentalHealthDays #MyGuy #RiteAid #WhiteOakPediatrics #CopaysInsteadOfStarbucks #SiblingLove #AllergySeason #TheyAreActuallyAngels #BestKids #OutrageouslyOrdinary

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