Baker Not Cooker

My little guy and I watched Holiday Baking Championship over Christmas and it got him thinking that he wants to learn how to make “the big cakes with lots of frosting.”

He came in the kitchen while I was making dinner tonight to inform me that he’s going to be a baker when he grows up.  

“That’s great! You want to finish dinner?”

“Baker, mom, not cooker.”

“Got it. Can I be your assistant?”

“You sure can, I’ll need a ride to the shop.”

“I’m your girl. Can I taste test all your treats?”

“I’ll have paying customers for that. But you’ll have to pay the people.”

“The customers?”

“No, the 30 people who work for me. You do the business, I’ll do the baking.”

I think I just got a raise. I know the benefits are great!

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