Kid Quiz

When you’re stuck in a room with your kids for hours, you cave and do those Facebook quizzes… but what sweet answers!  It’s inspired me to give them a little quiz every year to see what they are into and how much they have grown.

WITHOUT prompting, ask your child these questions and write EXACTLY what they say.

The Daught 11 yrs old
My Guy 7 yrs old

What is something I say a lot?
The Daught  Cheese and rice! (in place of bad words)
My Guy I love you 

What makes me happy?
The Daught When I use my elbow to massage your back (It’s her trick to stay up later, win-win)
My Guy When we’re home (simple but so true)

What makes me sad?
The Daught It hurts your heart when we fight
My Guy When we’re not home

How tall am I?
The Daught Almost as tall as I am 😁 5’8″
My Guy 2 inches taller than Grace 

What’s my favorite thing to do?
The Daught get massages and have me walk on your back
My Guy cuddle with us

What is my favorite food?
The Daught I don’t know, salad
My Guy lasagna
(Both wrong, correct answer is carbs)

What is my favorite drink?
The Daught sweet tea and coffee
My Guy Bai watermelon drinks

If I could go anywhere, where would I go?
The Daught The Maldives
My Guy Ireland

Do you think you could live without me?
The Daught hmmmmmm, no (grounded!)
My Guy big nope

How do I annoy you?
The Daught When I try to hide something, you know it. You’re all-knowing (and don’t you forget it!)
My Guy sometimes when you’re trying to be funny, that can be annoying (ha!)

What is my favorite TV show?
The Daught It used to be Grey’s Anatomy but… do you watch tv shows?
My Guy you don’t really watch tv

What is my favorite movie?
The Daught Sing, you love that pig!
My Guy Sing, ’cause you sing every song

(I haven’t been able to share My Cousin Vinny with them quite yet)

What is my favorite music to listen to?
The Daught you like everything you can sing with
My Guy Christmas music

What is my job?
The Daught you run our school
My Guy to keep us safe ❤

How old am I?
The Daught 36
My Guy 38

What’s my favorite color?
The Daught most of the time it’s green
My Guy green and blue

How much do you love me?
The Daught this much (arms out wide)
My Guy big as the sky

#KidQuiz #KidsSayTheDarndestThings #OutrageouslyOrdinary 

One thought on “Kid Quiz

  1. ebrookshar January 9, 2018 / 8:37 am

    They have you DOWN! Just goes to show . . . they’re always watching! Hope your furnace gets fixed today! No more FB quizzes!

    Liked by 1 person

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