Tangled in the Sheets

Have you ever woken up in the morning practically hog-tied by the sheets that were once flat, with your pj pants twisted one way, your t-shirt twisted the other way and your gut hanging out for the world to see?

So I started the day feeling the opposite of awesome and did a body count to see if there were any children hidden in what’s left of the sheets.

It’s in those oh so sexy morning gut check moments that I wonder if the Victoria Secret Angels ever have a “fat” day.

I’ll think about it over my coffee and donut.

#TangledInTheSheets  #SalsaDancingInMySleep  #ImNoAngel #OutrageouslyOrdinary 

One thought on “Tangled in the Sheets

  1. Travis Williams November 8, 2017 / 9:20 am

    Hah! Though it’s rough from about 5am on when you have to sleep with your arm in front of your face for fear of a two year-old kicking you in the eye (or worse).

    But to your point, I’ve found the morning to be the “leanest” time of the day. You have to sleep on your back so it all distributes evenly in the night.

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