Let’s Play

I was making dinner last night to the sweet sound of my children practicing the piano when the Daught tells my little guy to hang on. 

She races to her room and comes back with her recorder (one of man’s less miraculous inventions, if you ask me). 

I hear her count out the beat and they play “together” through the whole song. I clapped when they were done to encourage the comradery, while mentally retreating to my Costco size bottle of ib profen.

The Daught said they should play again the same way.  My son said they should play it like the radio (basically louder with a faster beat). I said (with a chuckle) that they sounded like Donny and Marie, and went back to the kitchen.

I hear my son say, “Who are they?”  The Daught replies, “You never know with mom, she knows everybody.  Let’s play, 1…2…3…4”






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