Where the Magic Happens

Every once in a while they do something so cute, so heart warmingly wonderful, that you have to take a picture to remember the moment you fell even deeper in love with this amazing character you are blessed to raise.

This was not that moment.

Here, my pride and joy sits at dinner.  He’s trying the wizard concept out for Halloween to make sure he doesn’t need any other props.  So far, the costume seems to be complete but I’m sure the prop epiphanies will strike a few hours before trick-or-treating begins. 

I made stir fry last night, a personal favorite, but my little wizard was less than thrilled. As I am not a short order cook, the deal in our house is that you eat what is made. 

A few bites in, he picked up his wand and started the famous “swish and flick” over his food. He muttered something but I thought he was just playing so I kept the eating and conversation going.

A few minutes later he did it again.  Such a great imagination he has, I thought.  I asked him what spell he was casting.

Wait for it… Wait for it…

“I’m trying to make this edible but I don’t think I’m powerful enough for that yet.”

Alrighty then. Dinner’s over Dumbledore.





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