Playdates & Professions

Having a cute moment cuddled up with the kids this morning on our day off, only made better by their little minds…

My little buddy says “Mom, do you ever have playdates with your friends?” “Sometimes.”

The daught says, “Mom I feel bad for you most days. You’re always so busy. Aren’t you tired?” “Sometimes.”

The buddy, “You should find a friend to have a playdate with tonight.” “Yes, sir.”

The daught, “My friend’s mom says you look like you’re still in high school. I told her you were old though.” “Thanks for setting her straight, honey.”

The buddy, “You should be a singer when you grow up.” “I thought about it.”

The daught, “She’s already grown up, it’s too late for her to start all that now.” “It’s never too late to try anything.” 

The buddy, “So you’re going to be a singer?” “No, it’s too late for all that.”

A silent moment of cuddling, then they hit me with…

Daught, “She would make a good race car driver.”

Buddy, “Or a clown.”

Daught, “A baker.”

Buddy, “I’ve got it, she should be a joke book writer.”

And there we sat for the next 15 minutes while my PR team was hard at work building my career when I grow up.





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