Dental Comedy

Only the daught and I could have this much fun going to the dentist.  She kept me laughing all morning yesterday!  

After the check up, the dentist asked her if she had any questions. The conversation went something like this…

Dr: Got any questions for me?

Daught: Just one.  

Dr: Shoot.

Daught: You know how people say police officers like donuts?

Dr: (a little thrown by the question) I have heard that. 

Daught: Yeah, this has nothing to do with my teeth.

Dr: Alright, but you’re making me hungry.

Daught: What is a dentist’s thing? 

Dr: Our thing?

Daught: What are you guys known for doing that makes no sense?

Dr: (he laughed out loud and looked at me like I was the fruitcake in the situation,  but thought for a second) I guess it would have to be asking people questions when they have their mouths full.

Daught: Yeah, you all do that a lot. Did they teach you how to understand us in school or do you just get used to it?

Dr: I guess we just get used to it, or we like talking to ourselves.

Daught: Huh… alright. See you next time.

The dentist shook my hand and said “I’m really looking forward to seeing you at the follow up in a few weeks.  She’s something else.”

Yes sir. Yes she is.





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