I just got the sweetest text from the kids. In the middle of playing and having a great time with their dad and grandparents, they just wanted to say “I love you”.

I think it is so incredibly important to tell children every day how much they are loved. I am so proud of them for seeing that importance and making the effort to show it themselves.  

It’s easy to say “love you” to both as they walk into school or are running into soccer practice, but it means so much more to stop the hustle of our day and give them an individual moment of love and attention.

I have no funny momisms to share, no sarcasm to inject, but am full of pride for these two little characters and wanted the world to see what I am blessed with. 
I encourage you to take a minute, give a hug and tell your babies you love them just for being them. You could even say it to your husbands once in a while too, just make sure the game isn’t on at the time.





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