Summer Amnesia

Our school-free summer is over and I have run into a few things that I forget every year around this time:

  1. The to-do list of house projects that seemed 100% feasible at the beginning of the summer, seems insanely impossible at the end of summer.
  2.  I may start buying into the fad diets that cut bread from every meal – I think all the yeast is making my children grow too fast.  The growth spurts are making capri pants and halter tops all the rage here.
  3. I have gotten much better about hitting the alarm on my phone and going back to sleep for a minute… or 45… which should serve me well during the first week of school.
  4. I am amazed at the time and energy I put into the organization of my children’s colorfully, wonderfully healthy lunches in the week before school starts.  They will go from cucumber slices to left over pizza slices in a month, but it was the thought that counts.
  5. The crockpot gets a new lease on life around this time because working “real” hours while kicking up the extracurricular kid activities makes even prison slop look good at the end of the day.
  6. My referee shirt is worn and tattered after two and a half months of my children being together.  They are sweet kids, but their eyes have started twitching when the other one walks in the room.
  7. The remote control can do so much more than change channels.  It is a bargaining chip, a plea bargain, a toy, a weapon, an opportunity, a taunting tool, a hockey puck – the list is endless really.
  8. I’m done with fun in the sun, or at least the sweaty funk of the laundry that the sun causes.  I’m tired of the hamper constantly being damp from socks that have run for miles at the park on a hot day or shirts that are sticky with ice cream after having jumped at the bounce house place for an hour.  Oh, the smell.
  9. I miss the freedom to go where ever we want, whenever we want. I got used to that amazing feeling, even if we didn’t go anywhere, I knew we could.  Now that it’s gone I feel like I should be getting condolence cards in the mail for a loved one’s passing.
  10.  Why is it that during the summer these children will wake up at 6am, wide awake and at full throttle, but school starts and I am having to physically remove them from the bed at 7am while listening to groans and muttering of them needing 10 more minutes of sleep?  Payback’s tough kid, get up!

Cheers to another school year and another chance for our kids to get smarter than we are!  Good luck this morning!






2 thoughts on “Summer Amnesia

  1. Travis Williams August 31, 2017 / 7:57 pm

    The crockpot is truly one of the more wonderous inventions. The food you put it in costs nearly nothing, you can leave it unmonitored for hours at the time, and the food still comes out tasting better than if you slaved for a fraction of the time.

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    • Outrageously Ordinary August 31, 2017 / 8:10 pm

      Couldn’t agree more! It can look like slop, but it’s definitely the best slop in town!


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