Shower Time

When the kid’s funkiness has kicked up a notch, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich from lunch is still stuck to their sweet cheeks and they take off their socks to reveal the line where dirt couldn’t cross to pale feet… I announce STOP… SHOWER TIME.

I don’t announce it as much as sing it though.  Until today, my children thought I made up the little shower ditty.  I make up songs all the time to cheer them up, get them moving faster in the morning, or pump them up to clean their rooms.

I’m like Mary Poppins, really, with a little more elixir in my glass.

So I was cleaning the kitchen with my Spotify playing in the background when MC Hammer came on with “U Can’t Touch This”.  Both kids came running into the kitchen to listen and laughed at the guy singing “the wrong words” to the song.  I had to explain to them that The Hammer came up with the beat, I just put my own words to it.

shower time

It kind of deflated the fun UNTIL I showed them the music video and the Hammer pants that made the 90’s oh so fashionable.  Now we sing SHOWER TIME while they do the Hammer dance into the bathroom…

Basically, we are just too legit to quit.

And I’ll bet you are singing SHOWER TIME in your head now.  You’re welcome.






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