The Zoom Zone

It is rare that I have time to take a long shower, but today was the day.

I stood under the spray as long as I wanted, took care shaving to prevent any random lines of hair up my leg, washed AND conditioned my hair, had a phenomenal concert singing Lady Marmalade with attitude and even had my Clarisonic working it’s magic circles to get my twenties glow back.

When I got out, I felt rejuvenated and ready to rule the world, one Uno battle at a time.  I looked in the vanity mirror to play “find that weird hair”, the one that grows on your face (or wherever) and is thicker than any other hair on your body and jet black, no matter what Loreal says your color is.

I was playing that weird Where’s Waldo game on my face but needed a closer look.  I flipped the mirror around to zoom in, only to realize I had been in the zoom zone all along.

It’s a bad day when you have to get your glasses AND the magnifying mirror to find the stray hair because that combo allows you into the House of Pore-ers.  All the black dots, wrinkles, whiskers and little abnormalities that go unnoticed from a distance day to day are now seen and create the hot mess Picasso effect up close.

These are the moments a Rodan + Fields rep should knock on my door, I would buy anything they had.





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